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80%+ CPAs in India are Miles alumni

Why does CPA have only 4 exams?

This is because US professional qualifications “complement” university education - eg., to be a CPA, CMA or CFA, a university degree is mandatory. They are designed to be pursued alongside a full-time job and to facilitate the career progression for professionals.

The CPA exam gameplan
designed for full-time
working professionals:

CPA exams happen all 365 days a year - so you choose your dates. Also, the rule is from the date you pass your first exam, you have 20 months to pass the remaining 3 (this 20-month window is now being increased to 30-months - it’s good but, as a Miles candidate, you won’t need so much time)

You can easily pass all 4 exams in just 20 months (suggested order - FAR, AUD, REG, BAR). And the best part is, you can take one exam at a time.

All you need to do is commit 20 hours to your studies every week. And with videos from Varun, live online classes by top faculty, “kaun banega CPA” styled MCQs and stimulating simulations, you’ll actually enjoy this enriching experience.

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CPA 2024

Did you know that the CPA exam is changing in 2024?

US CPA eligibility

We’ve got your back

Remember, US qualifications complement university education.

Therefore, minimum education requirements for US CPA exam and license:

CPA Exam = 120 credits [90 credits under pre-education option]

CPA License = 150 credits

General rule: Every year of university education in India is equivalent to 30
semester credits of US education.

Using 1 year = 30 credits,

  • B.Com = 3 years x 30 credits = 90 credits
  • B.Com + M.Com/MBA = 90 credits + 60 credits = 150 credits
  • B.Com + CA/CS/CWA = 90 credits + 60 credits = 150 credits
  • CA/CS/CWA recognized by a few states as 2-3 years of US education

Only have a B.com?

No worries. Enroll for the “online” M.Com - Professional Accounting & Finance from Jain
University & appear for the CPA exam during your 1st Semester of M.Com!

This bridge course is fully integrated with the CPA curriculum & hosted on the Miles LMS - so
you only focus on CPA studies (Syllabus), nothing more!

US CPA License

The 4 Es:

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Miles can help you with a bridge course(if required)

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Miles has full-time licensed CPAs who can verify experience required for CPA license

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Online on-demand course

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4 exams, 20 months

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