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Special OfferUS Professional qualification that complements your university degree.

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US CPA Career

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Why does CPA have only 4 exams?

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US professional qualifications “complement” university education - e.g., to be a CPA, CMA or CFA, a university degree is mandatory

These are crisper in content & focus on skill gaps needed by an F&A professional

Designed to be pursued alongside a full-time job and to facilitate the career progression for professionals

Various non-US Public Accounting qualifications tend to “substitute” university education - e.g., you can be a CA in many countries without a university education

These are lengthy & encompass what a candidate would have covered (or simultaneously covers) in a university degree

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The CPA exam gameplan designed for full-time
working professionals:

CPA exams happen all 365 days a year - so you have the freedom to choose your dates. Also, the rule is from the date you pass your first exam, you have 20 months to pass the remaining 3.

You can easily pass all 4 exams in just 20 months (suggested order - FAR, AUD, REG, BAR). Follow the milestone approach and focus on just one exam at a time.

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The CPA exam has changed in 2024

Only 4 exam parts

Core exam section

The three Core exam sections are:

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Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)

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Auditing & Attestation (AUD)

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Taxation and Regulation (REG)

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Discipline exam sections

Candidates have to choose any one of
the below sections:

  • Business Analysis & Reporting (BAR) -
    a continuation of the FAR core (Recommended choice)
  • Information Systems & Controls (ISC) -
    a continuation of the AUD core with high emphasis on Technology
  • Tax Compliance & Planning (TCP) -
    a continuation of the REG core

US CPA eligibility

US qualifications complement
university education.
Therefore, minimum education
requirements for US CPA exam
and license:

CPA Exam

120 credits

(90 credits under pre-education option)

Special Offer

CPA License

150 credits

General rule: Every year of university education in India is equivalent
to 30 semester credits of US education.

Using 1 year = 30 credits,

  • B.Com = 3 years x 30 credits = 90 credits
  • B.Com + M.Com/MBA = 90 credits + 60 credits = 150 credits
  • B.Com + CA/CS/CWA = 90 credits + 60 credits = 150 credits
  • CA/CS/CWA recognized by a few states as 2-3 years of US education

US CPA License

The 4 Es:

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Miles can help you with a
bridge course(if required)

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Licensed CPAs at Miles verify
experience for CPA licensing

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Online on-demand course

Special Offer


4 exams, 20 months

Only have a

We got you!
Apply for CPA jobs in usa

Pre-education eligibility

Enroll for the "online" M.Com - Professional Accounting & Finance from Jain University. Appear for the CPA exam during your 1st Semester of M.Com! This bridge course is fully integrated with the CPA curriculum & hosted on the Miles LMS - so you only focus on CPA studies, nothing more!

Exception (being phased out)

If B.Com is completed in 1st division from a NAAC ‘A’ university, the 3-year B.Com would be treated as 4 years of US education, i.e., 120 credits for B.Com alone. However, this exception only applies to CPA exam eligibility, NOT to CPA license.

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